Round 1

Russian Round


- FrF98 Amerikanskaya

RU3 Add one 8-1 armor leader for the German at-start OB.

RU2 Delete one Russian 4-4-7 squad .

RU1 Add four concealments to the German OB

GE1 Add two Russian LMGs.

GE2 Delete one 4-6-7 German squad .

GE3 Add one 7-0 Russian leader.

- ESG121 Behemoths and bullet sponges

RU3 Add one PSK to the German OB on mapboard 64.

RU2 Delete one 5-2-7 squad from the Russian OB.

RU1 Exchange the 9-1 armor German leader with a 9-2 armor leader.

GE1 Add one 7-0 Russian leader .

GE2 Add one 8-1 armor Russian leader.

GE3 Add one FT to the German OB.

- DB141 Gut Punch

RU3 Add a PSK o the German OB.

RU2 Exchange two 4-3-6 squads with two 4-4-7 German squads.

RU1 Add four concealments counters.

GE1 Add two Russian LMGs.

GE2 In the SSR2 , add two more burnt-out wrecks before random placement.

GE3 In the Russian OB replace the ISU-122 with a IS2-m heavy tank.