Round 2

Italian round


- AP23 Agony at Arnautovo

IT3 Exchange the 8-0 Russian leader with a 9-2 leader.

IT2 Replace two 4-4-7s with two 4-5-8s in the Russian OB.

IT1 Add two LMGs to the  Russian OB.

RU1 Add four concealments to the Italian OB.

RU2 Two squads and the 7-0 leader from the turn 4 reinforcements may enter on   turn 3

RU3 Add 20 factors of mines.

- FT239 Armored probe at Sidi-Nsir

IT3 Replace the MMG with a 81*MTR and a 2-2-8 in the French OB.

IT2 Add one French 4-5-7 squad on/south of hexrow U.

IT1Add one LMG on/south of hexrow U in the French OB.

FR1 Add one LMG to the Italian OB.

FR2 Add one Italian 4-4-7 squad.

FR3 Replace the 8-0 with a 9-2 in the German OB

- FT254 Insurrection at Cividale

IT3 Delete one A8 41.

IT2 Add one German 4-4-7 squad.

IT1 Replace one MMG with a HMG.

GE1 Partisans are Fanatic (A10.8).

GE2 Add one Italian 4-4-7 squad.

GE3 German reinforcements enter on turn 3.