Round 2

J175 Bedburg bite

PP8 A little bit closer to heaven

SP62 Ils ne passeront pas


- J175 Bedburg bite

BR3 Delete the Badger.

BR2 Add 6 mine factors to the German OB.

BR1 Exchange one German MMG for a HMG.

GE1 Exchange the British 9-1 leader for a 9-2 leader.

GE2 Remove 6 mine factors.

GE3 Reinforcements will enter on turn 4.

- PP8 A little bit closer to heaven

FF3 Add one PSK to the German at start OB.

FF2 One German squad equivalent and one leader may set up HIP.

FF1 Delete the SSR4.

GE1 Add one 4-5-8 Free French squad

GE2 Change the German SAN to 4.

GE3 In the German OB, reduce the mines factors from 48 to 36

- SP162Ils ne passeront pas.

GE3 Add one Sherman III(a) to the Canadian OB.

GE2 Exchange one 7-0 Canadian leader for a 8-1 leader.

GE1 Add one 4-5-7 squad to the Canadian OB.

CAN1 Add one German LMG to the German reinforcements.

CAN2 Add one German 4-6-7 squad to the at-start OB

CAN3 In the SSR4, change « Beginning on turn 6 » to « Beginning on turn 5 ».