Round 4

Larger scenarios


- ESG54  Pulse of steel

GE3 Exchange one SU122 with one ISU122 whithout MG.

GE2 Russian ordnance and AFV's are Elite for ammo depletion purposes.

GE1 Add one LMG to the Russian OB.

RU1 Exchange one German 4-6-7 with  a 4-6-8.

RU2 Add one FT to the German OB.

RU3 In the Victory Conditions change « (at least 10 EVP must be Personnel » with  « (at least 8EVP must be Personnel ».

- DTF2 Blitzkrieg

FR 3 In the SSR 4 change "after two game turns on board"  to "after three game turns on board".
FR2 The German AFV Groups enter on Turns 1 and 2
FR1 Exchange two 4-6-7 squads with two 4-6-8 squads
GE1 Exchange the French MMG with a HMG
GE2 Add one 9-1 armor leader to the French reinforcements
GE3 The French AFV enter on turn 2 and 4 with two platoons per turn.

- FT246 Gladio pro patria e rege

GE3 In the SSR3 change « placed onboard concealed at the beginning of Turn 4 » with « placed onboard concealed at the beginning of  Turn 5 ».

GE2 Replace two SMV M42da 75/18 with two SMV M42 da 75/32.

GE1 Add one ATR to the Italian OB.

IT1 Exchange one German 8-0 leader with a 8-1 leader.

IT2 Replace one dm MMG with a dm HMG and add an ATR in the German OB.

IT3 Change SSR 4 with « Opel blitz may set up motion ».