Friday :

Please arrange to get your own food on the Friday evening for none is provided at the tournament - the tournament starts at 8:00 pm and everybody's eager to fight ! There is a fridge at the tournament and some drinks (coffee, soft drinks and beers) and yogurts are available throughout the weekend at very affordable prices. Regulars to the tournament meet each other on the Friday before or Sunday after at two restaurants nearby : "Le crocodile" (20 bis rue de la cousinerie) and "Le campanile" (Avenue de Canteleu à la Cousinerie).

Saturday and Sunday :

Free pastries and croissants every morning. You can buy some sandwiches for lunch which you order in the morning and are provided by the tournament directors wife and daughter. Saturday evening is the time to bury the hatchet : takeaway pizzas and pastas are ordered for a convivial meal together in the tournament room.