Side selection

Side selection is done by using the Australian Balance System ( ABS )*. Each Scenario comes with seven levels of handicap bidding -- Axis 1-3, Allied 1-3, and level 0 (no handicap) for each side. Note that the levels of bidding are typically cumulative. So a bid of "3" would include "2" and "1". These are handicaps-- the higher the level of bidding, the more that side gives up.

Both opponents secretly record their bid and then reveal it simultaneously !

 The possible results of ABS bidding are as follows

  • Opponents bid different sides, each opponent plays the side AND the handicap level he bid.
  • If both opponents bid the same side, the opponent bidding the higher handicap level plays the side and level he bid, and the other opponent plays the opposite side at handicap level 0.
  • If opponents bid the same side and handicap level, roll a die. Lower die plays the side and level he bid; higher die plays the other side at level 0.

*Thanks to Michael and the Grenadier tournament for letting us use part of their web sites english explanations.